Meet the Succubi Sisters of GomenGang

Homura ホムラ

Birthday: August 23 

Age: 213

Favorite Snack : Lays Fried Pickles and Ranch

Favorite Animes : Overlord, Kuroshitsuji, Claymore

One half of the twin succubi duo. She's the youngest, born a second after Komura. Homura is strong willed, mischievous and vivacious succubus. She often pushes her sister, Komura over the edge with her actions. She's more of a do now, think later type of gal. That said, she has caused her father the Demon King much grief. As punishment for blowing up one of the great mountains of hell she was banished to the human realm along with Komura, with absolutely no monetary assistance from their father. Before leaving the demon realm, she left her cat Shiro with her sister Yukina. She is now a broke succubus working odd jobs and cosplaying to pay rent. Although her "human life" is financially struggling she still is mischievous towards human men that are weak against her gaze. 

Komura コムラ

Birthday: August 22 

Age: 213

Favorite Snack : Pica Gomas Watermelon 

Favorite Animes : Fruits Baskets, Gundam Wing and Full Metal Alchemist

The second half of the twin succubi duo. The older twin, born a second earlier than Homura. Komura is the cool , controlled and sociable of the twins. She's calm 90% of the time but Homura can push her over the edge with her antics. She has assumed the position as the responsible sister which means they will never be apart. She was influenced by Homura and destroyed one of the great mountains of hell. Her father the demon king was very disappointed and punished her by guilty by association. Before she left the demon realm, she left her cat Kuro with Yukina. She now resides in the human realm working odd jobs and cosplaying with Homura to help pay rent.

Yukina ユキナ

Birthday: August 08 

Age: 331

Favorite Snack : Hot Cheetos Limon'

Favorite Animes : Parasyte, Chobits and  Assassination classroom

The oldest of the succubi sisters. She is 100 years older than Homura and Komura. She might look smaller but she is the strongest sister of the trio. She's playful, shy and has an extreme potty mouth that is rarely controlled. In her previous life, she fought multiple wars with her father, the Demon King. After many years she climbed up the ranked and became one of the strongest Demon Lords in the demon kingdom. She would stay within the kingdom walls and only go out when there was a war to conquer. After Homura and Komura were banished, her life felt very lonely and introverted. Even though they both left their cats with her, it wasn't the same as having her sisters back. On a red moon day, she slipped passed the guards and made her escape to the human realm in search of her sisters. Once she found them she decided to coach potato, play video games and relax all day. She was tired from all the wars and just wanted peace and quiet time to herself. But once the human realms economy started to decline she got off her butt and helped her sisters pay bills. With her skills only pertaining to carnage and warfare she switched gears and made her hobbies into a job that she loves. Yukina streams as QueenieYukina on twitch and has a lovely community that treats her like the queen she is.

More lore added soon ~